Nick Shabazz

Nick Shabazz

Gear Reviewer, YouTuber, and Generalized Jackass-of-all-trades

Hey Everybody, Nick Here!

And today, I've put up a website to serve as a hub for all of Nick Shabazzdom.

If you haven't yet, you should absolutely check out my Channel on YouTube, and make sure to check out my Instagram page where I post regularly, and you'll get sneak previews of what's being tested, carried, and reviewed now, along with the occasional live stream. Also, check out my Patreon page, where I give early previews of reviews and sell reviewed gear, and where you can support my reviewing, if you value the time I spend on the channel.

Finally, make sure to check out Knife Gripes with Nick Shabazz, a series with KnifeNews where I complained about issues which I'd like to see fixed in the folding knife world, as a resource that new knifemakers can use to avoid common pitfalls that tend to annoy gear geeks. And of course, keep an eye out for my opinion pieces on KnifeNews, which I used to write from time to time.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and for all of the support I get from the community at large!

One other note: I do not have an assistant, and do not have somebody who "arranges product reviews". Always contact me first, using Instagram or either of the addresses below, if you'd like to confirm that I've reached out.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Nick - How to Send Nick Gear - Gear-related questions

Do you have a list someplace of everything you've reviewed?

Why yes, yes I do. I've got a Google Sheet right here with a list of every public review, as well as links, my gem/junk rating and some basic stats. Check it out!

How can I contact you, Nick?

If you need to contact the Nick, for some weird reason, nicoloshabazz at the google mail or nick at this website will get you there. I also check my Instagram DMs, but email will get a faster response, and I'll probably just ask you to move over to email!

If you're looking to send me gear for review, thanks! Check out the Sending Gear Section of the FAQ.

If you're looking to ask me for a watch, pen, or knife recommendation, check out this answer right there.

You haven't answered my email/DM, Nick!

Yep, that's probably true. Sorry about that! The thing is, though, I get more emails and DMs each day than I can possibly answer, particularly recommendation requests and "Hey are you gonna review the ____!", and there are days where I barely even get to open my email for the channel. So, even messages from generous people offering gear or saying kind things may languish in my inbox for a while before I get a chance to respond. It's nothing personal, and I do appreciate your message, I'm just drowning over here.

Do you sell t-shirts, mugs, or other merchandise?

Actually, yes, I do! Thanks to my buddy Ari who's serving as my Merchmaster, I've been able to set up a store on Teechip full of Nick Shabazz branded merchandise. Anything purchased there will support the channel directly, so I very much appreciate it, but like Patreon, it's completely optional.

Are you on any forums or other social media?

In addition to YouTube and Instagram, I'm on reddit (/u/nickshabazz), posting in /r/knifeclub and /r/watches. I'm "NickShabazz" on BladeForums, WatchUSeek, and the Spyderco Forums. I'm no longer on Facebook, because it's vaguely evil and I wasn't using it anyways, and I'm only barely on Twitter, but I don't post there very often, and don't respond to messages, so it's about the worst way to get in touch with me.

What do you do for a living, Nick?

Not YouTube, that's for sure! This is just a project, driven mostly a love of gear. I'm a scientist, actually, as my day job. I talked about this on video once.

What do you look like? Why don't you show your face on the channel?

Oh, what the heck. Here's a recent picture of me.

To answer the question, I don't show my face on the channel mostly because I want to keep my work and play separate, because you never know when your next employer may be a serious zombie knife enthusiast. But at this point, it's become an inside joke on the channel, and let's face it, you have seen my face. But I very much appreciate that my viewers respect my privacy, and allow me the ability to keep work and play separate.

How can I support your gear reviewing habit, Nick?

Thanks for asking! The best way to support what I'm doing is to like, share, and recommend my content on YouTube. This gets the word out, and provides some (very some) ad revenue. I also accept loaners from viewers for review (and indeed, my viewers' generosity is what's made my reviewing possible!). If you're interested in sending me something to check out, check out the Sending Gear Section of the FAQ.

If you'd like to support me in a more financial way, go to my Patreon page and set up a donation. I've got some incentives and gifts for Patrons there, and it's also where I sell most of my gear, so that's a great way to get some great deals. And money from Patrons really does make this channel possible, covering shipping, new purchases, and the various baths I take in the name of reviewing. Seriously, you're gems.

Finally, if you'd like, you can buy some Nick Shabazz Merchandise, whose proceeds will go straight to the channel.

Do you accept Bitcoin donations?

Absolutely. My bitcoin address is 3GJZRfYAMARFxpCX6VvH9vpnG6GpnD4iCJ, and I'll happily accept blockchain-based support. I'm also happy to accept other forms of Cryptocurrency, just email me. #NotTheBrilliantSatoshiNakamoto

Wait, you had that watch on your Instagram months ago, but there's no video up? What gives?

Because work on the channel has to happen on weekends or after work, and I've often got loaned gear I need to get home, I write and film content whenever I can. This means that often, I film more content in a week than aired last week, and this leads to a backlog of un-aired reviews. This means that even when work takes over my life, I'll still have new content on schedule. But it also means that it might take a while for a review, particularly if it's not a new release or highly-requested piece, to actually come to the "front of the line". If you're particularly interested in seeing review X ASAP, let me know and I might bump it ahead a bit!

What's with the green corn-cob looking gas station knife, the Z-Hunter?

What is goodness without evil to define it? The Z-Hunter is a knife I picked up at a local gas station for a video about 'inexpensive' vs 'cheap', and it is a truly, truly awful knife. But that little Z-Hunter has since contaminated its way into my heart, and what started as a quick joke turned into long joke, and eventually, into an unofficial symbol for my channel.

How to send gear to Nick Shabazz for review

If you're looking to send me gear, it's probably one of four situations...

I'm a random person and I want to donate some gear to the channel!

That's extra awesome of you, thanks! Shoot me an email and I'll get you my PO Box.

I'm a random person and I want to loan you some of my gear to review!

That's awesome of you, thanks! Shoot me an email, and if it's something I've not reviewed and am interested in, we'll work it out, assuming that the gear isn't too sentimental, irreplaceable, or otherwise un-carryable. Loans usually take between 3 weeks and a month from shipment to ship-back. I also carry and (lightly) use anything I review. If that, or the possibility of minor wear, is a problem, you'll have to let me know and we'll work through it. And of course, just to warn you, I've gotta be honest. If I don't care for a bit of gear, I owe it to my viewers to say that. I want to be fair, but I've gotta speak my peace. I just want to make sure you're OK with the idea that I might speak ill of something you love.

Note, though, that I'm currently drowning in offers (which is awesome!), so even if I'm interested, it may be months before I'm ready for you to send something along. I never want to accept an item on loan and then hold onto it for months on end, so I only accept items as they're nearly ready for review. If you're still interested, please, shoot me an email!

I make gear and I want to send you my products to review on YouTube!

That's also awesome of you, thanks! But first, I want to make sure we're on the same page: I owe it to my viewers to provide an honest and fair review, and every review I make looks at the Good, the Great, the Bad, and the Ugly of whatever's on my table.

This means that in addition to talking about the fact that the item's been sent to me for review by the maker, I'll be highlighting the strengths and any failings of your product. And in the final conclusion, I'll be giving a straightforward verdict, which could be anything from "This is a gem, pick one up" to "Not bad, pick it up if you want" to "This is junk, don't even think twice".

Don't get me wrong, I derive no joy from negative reviews, and I hope your product earns its way to the "gem" list. But if you're looking at this as a friendly advertisement in exchange for a freebie, I'm afraid I'm not your guy. You'll get an honest and fair review, but no punches will be pulled. If you get all angry or lawyery at the thought of your product's dirty laundry being aired in a review, it's probably best we just skip the whole affair. I just don't want you to come out of this feeling sad or "ripped off" or angry.

Finally, if you use the phrase "influencer" or offer me money in exchange for a review, I'm going to groan audibly as I delete your email. Seriously, guys. Just no.

One other note: I do not have an assistant, and do not have somebody who "arranges product reviews". Always contact me first, using Instagram or either of the addresses below, to confirm that I really reached out.

I make gear and I'd like you to do a 'stealth review' or consult for me!

Sure! Stealth-reviews are fun. The basic idea is that you'll send a piece of gear or prototype, I'll use it, carry it, handle it, and then talk directly to you, and give my impressions. This will include the Good, the Great, the Bad and the Ugly, and what I'd highlight to somebody thinking of buying your gear. Basically, you'll find out what I'd have to say, without an actual review going live, and without any mention or discussion on YouTube or Instagram. I'm also happy to focus and opine on specific areas of concern, and I'm willing to keep these reviews and products confidential, potentially under NDA, assuming an agreement can be reached.

Because these take considerable time that I could be spending on reviews for my channel, I do have to charge for stealth reviews and consulting, but new makers will be given a break. Email me and we'll figure something out!

What's the very best watch/pocketknife/pen??

This is really tough one, because everybody's got different needs. The best watch for a Scuba diver is very different than the best watch for a CEO. The best pocketknife for the desert is quite different than the best knife for Detroit. Your needs will determine what's 'best', and there's no 'one-size-fits-all' choice.

If you'd like to know what the very best gear for my particular life is, find the latest videos in my Collection Overviews Playlist. I can't afford to keep a large collection, so the gear that sticks around is the best-of-the-best for me.

Why don't you review...

Counterfeit or Clone Watches and Knives: Look, counterfeiting and 'cloning' is just plain ugly. Not only are fake or 'clone' goods bad for the knife and watch industry, promoting companies that rip people's work off and fool less saavy buyers, but they're also not much good to review, either. So you're unlikely to ever see a 'clone' or counterfeit watch or knife on my channel, and several brands have been banned for producing them alongside their more unique pieces. Not a big fan there!

Audiophile Headphones: I'm a Sound Guy, and I love headphones (Sennheiser HD650 at home with a Schiit Jotunheim Amp, HD598 at work with a Headroom Micro Amp/Dac). But reviewing them on video is really kind of weird. Because so much of what brings people joy is the subjective tone quality that's really hard to convey. So, as much as I enjoy sound, I review from a functional basis, and that's just plain hard with high-end audio.

Fixed Blade Knives: I talk about this here, but basically, small fixed blades don't make much sense for my life and knife usage. They're great, and absolutely have a lot to offer, but they're just not my speed.

Balisongs/Butterfly Knives: I'm just not that coordinated! So I'd be more a danger to myself than to boxes and envelopes!

Automatic Knives: Until recently, automatic knives were illegal to own or carry in Michigan (where I live). Now that that's changed, I'll probably sprinkle a few automatic knives in here or there!

Handmade Custom Knives: I talked recently about why I'm (mostly) done with custom knives, but long story short, they're just not much fun to review, not very useful to watch as reviews, and they're very expensive. So, I'm leaving that to passionate collectors, and focusing on production and CNC-made small batch knives. One or two might slip in from time to time, but they're never going to be a focus.

Overseas Microbrand Knives: I do review some overseas microbrands (e.g. Ruike, Real Steel, Bestech), but generally speaking, I wait on new brands until they've a) been around for a while, b) got a solid distributorship and repair base through actual knife dealers (rather than relying on international drop-ship sites), c) I'm seeing good signs of quality and consistency in a series of models, and d) they're not selling any clones or 'homage' pieces. Yes, that's a high bar to clear, and I'll often make exceptions for new designers working with established factories, but I've been burned before, both on companies that disappear or change names just a few months after reviews, and on companies that make poor quality or inconsistent knives. I'm sure I'm missing gems by having this higher bar, but when each review is a few hours of my life, I'd rather focus on established brands with a reputation for quality, where gems are more likely to be found. Feel free to let me know if you're having great experiences with a brand, though, so I can build up data.

Brand X, Y or Z: More likely than not, it's just that I've never had any of their gear on my table. Only a few brands are "banned from my table", and that's usually because they're regularly doing something I find deeply ugly, like regularly and needlessly using proprietary screws, or producing "homage" or clone pieces based on other people's designs, or just producing junk (which isn't cheap enough to be entertaining).

Firearms, Brass Knuckles, Fidget Spinners, Kubatons, Lanyard Beads, Spin-tops, Survival Gear, etc.: This one's easy - I just don't have any passion for these products. So, reviewing them is no fun for me, and I can't do a great job of it, so the reviews would be no fun for you. Sorry!

What tools do you use to disassemble and maintain knives and pens?

I've put my most commonly used tools into a personalized Amazon store, along with a selection of other gems. If you'd like to pick them up, and support me, this is a great way to do it.

Can you recommend me a knife/watch/pen that...

Let me stop you right there: The answer is "probably not", and I'm really sorry about that.

You see, I get 10-15 recommendation requests per day by email, Instagram DM, YouTube comment, and otherwise, on top of all the other messages. I kind of hate that it's gotten to this point where I can't interact with everybody directly and help people out, but the simple fact is that I've got way more correspondence than I can answer on a regular basis while keeping this as a side-gig, rather than a full time job.

Even if each request only takes 4-5 minutes to ponder and respond, that adds up, and considering that everything I do for the channel needs to happen in my free time after work, it's tough to lose time I could spend writing reviews or preparing new content, which everybody gets to enjoy. So, I just can't respond to these straightforward recommendation requests. If you feel like your request is really exceptional or unusual ("I'm going into space next month in a Soyuz capsule, and I need a pocketknife which can...") and might make an interesting video, feel free to send it along, but please don't be offended if I can't get to it.

The best way to find something I would recommend is to check out the Nick's Gems Playlist on YouTube. It's kept updated with all the latest stuff, and every piece of gear on that list is something I love, and would recommend to any viewer who asked. If you find it on that list, it's among the best in the business, and absolutely is worth checking out.

One other option is to drop into an "Ask the Nick" livestream on Instagram or YouTube. I can't get to every question there, either, but you'll have a better shot at it, and that way, it's something that other people with the same question can benefit from. And finally, because they're supporting me and helping to make the channel possible, Patreon Patrons at higher levels get special perks, including the ability to talk to me one-on-one about gear on Skype or another service, and to get specialized recommendations based on their collections and needs.

So, again, I'm sorry, and I wish I had the time to answer everybody, but this is one class of question that I just can't keep up with.

Will you review the new [knife/watch/pen] from [company]??

Maybe! Patreon patrons have made it possible for me to preorder more new and interesting gear more quickly. But still there's way too much gear coming out for me to keep up, even if I could afford to. So, if there's lots of demand for an upcoming release, I might try and scare one up, but I don't have strong relationships with gear makers (which would mean that they send me free stuff ahead of release), I generally get gear at the same time the rest of the community does. So, even with preorder or a quick loan from a generous subscriber, with the time it takes to carry, write and film, other folks will almost always beat me to reviewing new gear. Sorry about that!

But with that said, if you're interested in something new, feel free to shoot me a quick email ("Hey, I'd love to see a review of new ZT 8675309!"), and if there's a ton of demand, I might make it happen!