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Nick’s Recommended Gear Maintenance Tools

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Here’s a bunch of the tools I tend to use on a regular basis, in one consistent place

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Important Disassembly and Reassembly Tools

Optional-but-helpful tools


Knife Lubrication

Rust Prevention

Being honest, at this point, I’ve not yet found a rust prevention product that I’m in love with. I’ve not seen any definitive testing showing which are best (a number of folks have done small tests, but they all seem to differ some). Personally, I’ve tried TufGlide, EDCi, Frog Lube, and a few others, and they all seem to perform about equivalently, and all require regular reapplication. Right now, the products I’ve been using most are…


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The Video

My Latest Tools Video, embedded below, is a bit outdated, but shows you most everything I’m talking about on this page.